Penis Enlargement and Thickening

Penis Uzatma ve Kalınlaştırma

Penis Enlargement and Thickening

Penis enlargement surgery allows men who do not have optimal penis sizes or who experience psychological issues, particularly performance anxiety, as a result of being unsatisfied with their penis sizes, even if their penis is huge according to standards, to have longer and thicker penises. With a more fulfilling and healthy sexual life, both they and their partners can benefit.
Penis Uzatma ve Kalınlaştırma Penis Uzatma ve Kalınlaştırma

How Much Is a Normal Penis Size?

  • Erect penis length 13.12 cm,
  • We can discuss optimal or normal values if the penis is 11.66 cm thick while erectioned.

How Is Penis Lengthening Surgery Done?

The length of the penis cannot be increased through medical intervention or non-surgical means. The procedure that involves severing the suspensory ligament, which attaches the penis to the abdominal wall, by 80% and liberating the remaining portion of the penis inside the body, is the one that is most frequently performed to lengthen the penis. Penis lengthening surgery allows us to extend our patients’ penis length by 3–4 cm, while individual results may vary. If the workouts advised throughout the recovery time are consistently carried out, this increase will remain.

How Is Penis Thickening Surgery Done?

At contrast to other thickening techniques (fat injection), we use the penis-bag method in our clinic, where we get filling material from the patient’s blood after specific procedures, arrange it in a unique sheath, and then fix it to the back of the penis. This approach is the best option for treating the penis because it is a permanent solution.

What is the difference between this method and fat injection?

  1. The penis does not thin out (While there is thinning in the penis after an average of 6 months in fat injections and fat injection is required to be applied again, there is no thinning in our method and no repeat procedure is required).
  2. Lack of abnormality (no camel hump appearance and no potato bag appearance)
  3. Reduced chance of infection

How Long Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Take?

If penis lengthening and penis thickening procedures are carried out simultaneously, penis enlargement surgery can be finished in 2–3 hours. The patient can be released from the hospital the following day on foot following the highly comfortable procedures.

Today, penis enlargement surgery is performed pleasantly because to the benefits that anesthetic and surgical methods have to offer. While the quality of sexual life improves following surgery, men start to feel more confident. The best patient selection and surgical experience are of course the most crucial aspects, as they always are.

“In our clinic, these surgeries are performed successfully by giving importance to the confidentiality of the patients.”